Fair pricing is one of the toughest things about the freelance market these days. We help our freelancers determine how to price themselves based on their experience and skill level. This will also help you understand what you’re getting for your money.  * 


$ - INTERN: $15/hr
This is the price you should expect to pay for a freelancer who is talented, but still needs some guidance and support to get the job done. It can be tempting to offer unpaid internships, but we strongly advise against it. You want someone who will take the job seriously and be able to dedicate the time and energy it takes to do a great job on your projects. 

$$ - STILL GREEN: $20-35/hr
These freelancers are still in the process of honing their skills and learning the ins and outs of the industry. They have limited experience and/or some basic education, and their portfolio shows promise. They might require some guidance in terms of the process and managing expectations. 

$$$ - UP-AND-COMING: $36-55/hr
These folks have a year or two of industry experience and a strong educational foundation to guide their professional practice. They are up to date on industry standards and you can feel confident based on their portfolio and past experience that they can produce consistent work. They still have a lot to learn, so you might have to be patient as they learn to navigate new stumbling blocks. They are also less likely to see themselves as "career freelancers,” so if you’re looking for someone who you can keep coming back to for work in the long term, you might want to try someone with more experience.

$$$$ - EXPERIENCED: $56 - 75/hr
These freelancers have spent the last 3-5 years honing their craft and learning the ropes. They have refined their professional and technical skills and have a lot of great ideas to bring to the table. These are professionals you can trust to communicate well, learn quickly, and deliver great work. 

$$$$$ - EXPERT: $76 - 150/hr
These are seasoned professionals with a tried-and-true creative process. Along with being skilled in their craft, they have experience with team/project management or direction. They can take the lead on a project and work just as well collaboratively as independently. When you hire an expert, you can expect a great experience and a high caliber of work.

$$$$$ - PRO: $150 +/hr
These freelancers are the best in the biz. They are well known and highly respected in the industry, and are likely as discerning in choosing their clients as you are in choosing a creative professional. You can expect a pro to work diligently and bring a totally unique perspective to your project.

* Note: Many creative professionals will work for a project rate or flat fee rather than an hourly rate. These rates are usually based on an estimate of time + materials and their own experience with different types of projects. They are still roughly based on an hourly rate. More specific information on project and fixed rates coming soon.