From our own experiences as freelancers we know fair pricing is one of the toughest things about the freelance market these days. That is why we have done the research and hard work to help you figure out how to appropriately price yourself. Hourly rates are just a starting point for your final equation but we thought we would give you a start by helping you pinpoint what price range you should fall under due to your experience and skill level. We are continually working hard to help you and the creative community, so keep your eyes open for more robust information about pricing your work and projects.  * 

$ - INTERN: $15/hr
You are the newest of the new. Perhaps you are fresh out of high school, or want to switch careers. Your industry knowledge and technical skills might be limited, but you are enthusiastic and eager to learn. 

$$ - STILL GREEN: $20-35/hr
You are rigorously teaching yourself or are in the midst of a school program. Maybe you have one or two internships under your belt and some related experience. 

$$$ - UP-AND-COMING: $36-55/hr
You have a year or two of industry experience and strong educational foundation to guide your professional practice. You still have a lot to learn, but your education, training and accolades are proof of your value in the market. 

$$$$ - EXPERIENCED: $56 - 75/hr
You've been in the business for a few years now. You have refined your technical and professional skills and a lot of great ideas to bring to the table. You have paid your dues and have the great work ethic, portfolio and chutzpah to prove it!

$$$$$ - EXPERT: $76 - 150/hr
You have had loads of job experience, and are a seasoned professional, You know your creative process so well you could patent it. Your business skills are those of a wizard and your client relations are unicorn-esque. 

$$$$$+ - PRO: $150 +/hr
You know who you are, go get em'!


* Note: Due to being Portland specific we are able to make more accurate pricing assessments based on the market, cost of living and other factors.