It's free.
One cool thing about Scopic is it is free for you (creative freelancers) to be on it. All you have to do is sign up and make a profile, and you’ll immediately be visible to the awesome agencies and clients who use Scopic to hire freelancers.

We connect you to jobs you are passionate about. 
We provide a well organized directory of relevant information to clients and agencies to help them
determine if your interests and experience will make YOU the best person for a job.

You become connected to the local creative community. 
Being part of Portland’s amazing creative community means you never have to feel alone with your struggles. We can rely on each other to solve the problems that plague the creative freelance industry and make all of our lives harder, like undercharging, scope creep, and lack of overall support to run a business effectively.

We help you improve your business. (Coming soon.)
We’re working hard on some really exciting educational materials and tools to help you run your freelance business. On Scopic, you will be able to access consistent, organized information and resources, saving you hours upon hours of unreliable research about how to run a successful freelance business from the start. Scopic does the work for you by aggregating great resources as well as custom content. In the long run you save time and money, and we help you avoid the headaches that can come with managing client relationships.

We are different.
Maybe you’re thinking about the other avenues you’ve used, whether it’s an online marketplaces or staffing agencies. If you’re like most freelancers, these haven’t worked out too well for you. Good news! At Scopic we make a conscious effort to avoid and even solve the problems these methods create. 

We trust our customers. 
By letting clients and agencies search for you, rather than posting a job and being flooded with bids, you’re more likely to be chosen based on your work and skills rather than simply how much you charge. 

We stay out of your way.
Staffing agencies and online marketplaces usually make their money by tacking on a hefty fee to your project costs, which makes agencies and clients wary of hiring too many freelancers, and more likely to simply go with the lowest bidder. By charging a subscription fee for access to freelancers, rather than project fees, clients and agencies actually get more value the more they use Scopic to hire freelancers, and their judgment isn’t clouded by how much extra they will have to pay. 

We keep it in the family.
Scopic is a Portland-specific platform that places value on relationships rather than transactions. This means you’re only competing with other freelancers in this market, so you don’t have to underbid to compete with freelancers in areas where the cost of living and doing business is cheaper. It also means easier client relationships, a shared understanding of Portland’s unique culture and a shared desire to make our community stronger.

Need more info? Feel free to contact us! We would love to chat via email, on the phone, or in person about how we can make Scopic even more amazing. We’re all in this together!

how do i price myself?

This is an age-old question and there really is no 100% correct answer. However we have worked hard to create and establish consistent standards within the Scopic community. Click here to see what hourly price range you should fall under due to your years of experience, type of experience and talent. If you have further questions or curiosities, check out this article, written by Scopic member Dina Rodriguez, on how to value yourself as a professional through your pricing. 


We have found the best way to identify whether or not you fall under Scopic’s umbrella for creative freelancers is to ask yourself the following questions: 

Is most of my work done for commercial use?

Am I self-employed?

Would there be a role for me as part of a team at a creative agency?

If the answer to all of the above is “yes,” go ahead and sign up! 

Still not sure? Shoot us an email at: us@getscopic.com and we can help you clarify. 

If you start your application and don’t see your skills represented, please get in touch with us! We want to be as inclusive as possible, and would love your help in making sure we’ve got everyone covered.