• Arbor Lodge (map)
  • 1507 Northeast Rosa Parks Way
  • Portland, OR, 97211
  • United States

Professional Headshots will be taken at this event! You will receive 2 professional photos of yourself, to be used on LinkedIn or as a part of your Interview Packet. Cost is $30, a portion of which will be given to JobGroup to offset operating costs. 

So, you've landed an in-person interview. Now what? Time for the interview packet. Perfect place for a shiny copy of your resume, overview of your skill set, work samples, and recommendations. We'll walk you through assembling an interview packet and review content, tools, and techniques.

Note: If interested, please download or print a copy of the presentation, from our website, as they will not be made available at this time.

Note 2: Our event is hosted in a coffee shop after hours, and food and drink is not available for purchase. If you'd like to bring your own food and drink, you are welcome to.