• Arbor Lodge (map)
  • 1507 North Rosa parks Way
  • Portland, OR, 97217
  • United States

Thank you to the organizers at Network Before Work for allowing me to share this meeting with the group members.

So, you have a LinkedIn account. You have a Twitter account. You have your marketing plan together. You're meeting tons of people at networking events. Your email box is blowing up with hundreds of emails a day. Now, how do you manage all this info? Time to hone your contact management skills! The purpose of this presentation will be to help you manage and track critical tasks and keep yourself constantly updated and focused on high-priority activities and letting low priority activities slip through the cracks (without guilt!). We'll discuss identifying and managing high-priority relationships among your contacts. These might be people such as hiring managers or internal recruiters that had direct access to job listings. We'll also talk about systems that you can use to store, organize, and categorize your contacts. Finally, we'll discuss the expansion, care and feeding of your professional network.

Note: If interested, please download or print a copy of the presentation, from our website, as they will not be made available at this time.

Note 2: Our event is hosted in a coffee shop after hours, and food and drink is not available for purchase. If you'd like to bring your own food and drink, you are welcome to.