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  • 3553 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
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  • United States


This isn't therapy and we aren't therapists, so keep your nutty childhood stories out of this meetup.

What Entretherapy provides is an opportunity to share with a tight-knit group of entrepreneurs what's truly troubling you in business.

Come prepared with a problem you want to be solved, because it's going to happen. If not that night, some time over the next month we'll offer up a solid cure for what ails ya.

Here is how it works...

You'll receive a drink ticket worth $5 to help you loosen up. 
Each entrepreneur who attends will get an equal amount of time to talk. 
The first half of that time will be used to share a hurdle you're facing in business.
The second half is opened up to the group to offer up solutions. 
Attendees will receive an event recap so you won't have to worry about taking notes. 
Oh... and we'll eat some delicious cake!

Why should you join us?

If you can identify with any of the following scenarios, you should stop what you're doing and reserve yourself a seat for an upcoming CAKE:

You have a great idea for a business.
You have just started developing a business.
You have a hobby you want to make money from. 
You are stuck developing a certain aspect of your business.
You own an existing business and are feeling overwhelmed.
You're just a really awesome person who enjoys eating cake (the edible kind).



What is the refund policy?

Sorry, no refunds. We offer up our time for free and reserve seating based on the number of attendees. Refunds cost us money on something we're not looking to make money on.