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As women in tech we struggle with getting people to take us seriously. And people make instant decisions about us based on body language.

By using simple posture cues you can look and feel alert and engaged and speak from your authentic, embodied and powerful self. As an added benefit, the right posture also gives you a more resonant voice.  

You’ll leave with practical knowledge of how to find and use “sitting Aikido” to give you extra energy, help you deal with the energy drain of unpleasant interactions at work, and allow you to show up strong whether speaking to a group of hundreds or a single important person.

The discussion will be led by Valerie Lyon, the Mojo Recovery Therapist. She is a Massage Therapist and Movement Educator, and has spent a lifetime gathering tips and tools that work fast to increase physical Mojo— that feel good, I can do it feeling.



Food & Networking 6:00-6:30pm

Workshop 6:30-8:00pm