• Quick Left (map)
  • 529 Southwest 3rd Avenue, 2nd Floor
  • Portland, OR, 97204
  • United States

The absurdly awesome domain-driven hackathon @ Quick Left Portland.

How the heck does this hackathon work?

All the teams are told a single premium domain name at the beginning of the event to build something for. The teams then have two hours to come up with a functioning site inspired by that domain. Which ever team builds the most creative, funny, andfunctional idea for the domain wins.

Participants will be judged on functionality, design, humor, and creative domain name interpretation.

Learn more here: hackthedot.org/events/portland

What you get at the event:

Swag from the awesome sponsors!

How much does it cost? It's free! You will also get food, drinks, and swag.


Sponsors & Supporters:

name.com - the domain names.
QuickLeft - the event venue.
You? Click here for info.

Questions? Send them at Alex Kehr on Twitter or LinkedIn.